The Chambered Reference – For Hunters & Reloader’s

ReloaderFor hunters we want you to have the same peace of mind as anyone else, especially if you have just spent four hours in a stand or a hide and need to make that follow-up shot.  Using the Chambered Reference gives you the ability to assess your favorite game round in the context of how it will interact with your firearms before you’re already in the moment.  Taking the time on the details always makes for a better hunt and we want to be a part of your success.

Reloader’s! The Chambered Reference offers you the first “Swiss Army Knife” of ammunition and case evaluation.  There are many steps to the reloading process and the ability to assess a case can help save on wasted time and materials.  Being able to evaluate your loads head space, C.O.L, extractor groove, and mechanical interfacing of your finished product ensures a better outcome and adds to the total joy that this process provides.

Stay on target instead of becoming one…