The Chambered Reference – For Military & Law Enforcement

Chambered Reference Military and Law EnforcementMission and duty ammo is almost always shipped in bulk and the chain of custody for transportation and prior handling of the ammo has always been an unknown.

For military, often times ammo can be shipped out for one tour or mission and sent to multiple locations that have different transportation and weather conditions.  It is not uncommon for ammo to be placed into a belt-fed firearm and then later taken back out of that belt if unused.  Unused ammo is then shipped back to the states only to be sent out again at a later date.

During the chaos of combat you deserve to know that the ammo you carry will feed and extract properly.

For law enforcement, you never know what you’re getting based on your city or state budget allowance. Range masters always try to do their best with what they have.  Sometimes departments do not have the budget to purchase new duty ammo every year.  The Chambered Reference is a huge value that saves departments money, when used to evaluate the condition of older duty ammo so that you don’t have to replace ammo that is still within spec and thereby safe to use.  In contrast the Chambered Reference also gives you the ability to pinpoint when an officers duty ammo has become out of spec and justify’s replacement.
Using this method of targeted replacement rather than blanket replacement can save your department thousands of dollars that can instead be spent on training or other needed gear.  Regardless of the age of your duty ammo you deserve the ability to do your job knowing rather than assuming that the ammo you carry has received the attention necessary to be consistently effective.

In either application, Ensuring the process of checking the ammunition with the Chambered