Image of the Chambered Reference munitions testing device along with ammunition, firearm and other misc., items


Who We Are…Our Core Belief

  • We believe that people who want to have total control over all aspects of their firearm systems and shooting experience should have the tools necessary to do so.
  • We believe your safety and the protection of yourself or others is a single chance situation and confidence in your firearm system is a matter of mechanical fact and something you should not have to question.
  • We believe that high quality does not need to always come at a high price.  We want our customers to be treated the way we would like to be treated.
  • We believe that accuracy, reliability, consistency and dependability are not mutually exclusive and are all equally necessary as part of a total firearms system.
  • We believe that quality should be self-evident, and that products should be made easy to use instead of being made complicated for no reason.
  • We want to change the way people see and approach firearms and the ammunition used to operate them, and we want to do it in a way that is cutting edge and helps reshape the industry and our community.