The Chambered Reference – For Personal & Home Defense

Chambered ReferenceWhile data for how often jams occur, etc. is not always easy to come by, we certainly know that malfunctions and jams do occur, otherwise you wouldn’t see training for how to clear them. You also would not see firearm manufacturers spending the money to make mechanical changes that are designed to help assist against malfunctions if they didn’t feel the issue was common enough. We also know that this is not an issue of cost, otherwise only ammo of a certain price point would ever experience any issues.

We want your choice of defending yourself, family, others and property to be backed up with an added peace of mind. Using the Chambered Reference gives you a simple and quick way to assess your ammunition prior to loading. Know rather than assume that your ammo will feed and extract correctly with every pull of the trigger.

Innovation is the key to our success and your value.